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Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine

  • Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine Mer profonde – Pêche de fonde: l’aventure marine

    Points saillants

    • Passer une journée au large et apprendre les techniques de pêche de fond et de pêche au leurre
    • Avoir un petit-déjeuner froid à bord préparé par notre équipage
    • Connaître la vie de pêche en Dalmatie et se familiariser avec le mode de vie des pêcheurs locaux
    • Passer de bons moments à bord en attendant la première prise

    Conseils utiles

    • Vous ne devez pas vous soucier de l’équipement. Nous préparerons tout le nécessaire (équipement de pêche, amorce, appât)
    • Assurez-vous d’avoir assez de crème solaire avec vous
    • Prenez des vêtements chauds avec vous- le temps peut devenir imprévisible
    • Capturez les meilleurs moments de la journée avec un appareil photo étanche ou un smartphone

    Informations de base

    • Durée: 6h
    • Capacité (par bateau) : 6 personnes (par bateau)
    • Capacité max : Il n’y a pas de limite de capacité pour cette excursion de pêche. S’il y a plus de 6 personnes dans votre groupe, contactez-nous, et nous créerons avec plaisir une excursion de pêche sur mesure pour votre groupe avec plusieurs bateaux (en fonction du nombre total de personnes dans votre groupe).
    • Enfants: Aucun enfant de moins de 3 ans n’est autorisé à participer
    Départ /
    Point d’embarquement préférable: Trogir
    Point d’embarquement possible: Split
    heure de rendez-vous 8h à Split / 8h30 à Trogir
    • matériel de pêche
    • amorce
    • appât
    • boissons
    • petit-déjeuner
    • équipement de sécurité
    • skipper professionnel
    • eau embouteillée
    • déjeuner
    • dépenses personnelles

    I might have been six years old when my grandfather began including me on his fishing trips. Remember him – I mentioned him in my last story. Before that, I had never been on the sea for such a long time – imagine, a whole day at sea! That day he chose the south side of the island to fish. We threw our nets out into the sea for the second time that morning. As we approached a small nearby beach, my grandfather cleaned and barbecued a grilled fish that we’d caught only an hour before. What sense of pride I felt when my Grandfather told me how satisfied he was with my help, and that he never could have caught so many fish without me. As a young boy, I really believed this was true!

    The culture of fishing is deeply rooted in the lives of the Dalmatian people. The sea provides a way of life that is evident even today in a coastal civilization. As in days of antiquity, life lived next to the sea is synonymous with the sea itself. For traditional fishermen, the sea drives their emotions, dictates their moods, and puts bread on the table. On the islands, fishing is a trade as well as an art form which has been passed down, father to son, for countless generations.

    This excursion provides a firsthand life experience for those who love fishing and love the sea. See for yourself why this traditional activity is probably the most significant part of life in Dalmatia. Whether you want to try your hand at fishing, or choose to enjoy the expedition as a guest, you’ll get a fresh perspective. Experienced local fishermen have many tales to tell about the demanding and spiritual life at sea. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, we extend our invitation to you. Join us – not just to have a wonderful time on the water, but to revel in the traditional fishing techniques and the various fishing boats used throughout the centuries.

    The departure times for our fishing trip may vary, depending on your preferences. Most of the time, we set sail in the early morning hours from a small port in Slatine called “Porat”. This location was not randomly chosen! The inhabitants of Slatine have traditionally made their livelihood from fishing, and more than half of the men who live here today are either sailors or fishermen.

    You will add some new words to your vocabulary, such as prova, krma, cima, timun. You will also learn about fishing knots, hooks, lines, and nets; as well as how to use vrsa, mriza or parangal. You will learn how to catch the needlefish and the squid, which are used as live bait for an even bigger and better tasting fish. Using our techniques, if you are lucky, you will catch yourself something really special for dinner.

    For this kind of trip you won’t need a fancy speed boat, an echo-sounder or any another type of modern equipment. This trip is for those who love tradition, experiencing adventure and for those who have a passion for sea.

    Of course, the trip concludes with a delicious fish dinner at the local tavern where you’ll feast on the fruits of your labor and enjoy some of the delicious fine wines from the Dalmatian region.



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    Mer profonde - Pêche de fonde: l'aventure marine

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Alen Zelic
Alen Zelic
11:10 14 Sep 20
Since many years a happy customer ofArgola. Friendly and helpful staff, best boats great location!Call/text them... anytime, you’ll get a respond within minutes👍 As in their motto mentioned; „exceeding your expectations“ I was every single time satisfied with their work.Kudos to the ladies in the office😃👌plus
Mirna Radovic
Mirna Radovic
07:08 12 Sep 20
Impeccable service provided from Argola Charter!A holiday we will remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you for... making every step of our journey so easy. The boat was exceptional as well as our skipper. If there’s a word which perfectly describes our experience, it would be - flawless! We are looking forward to the next summer with Argola crew.plus
David Anzulović
David Anzulović
17:55 10 Sep 20
Charter Company that should be talked about!Excellent customer service, process went smooth, fast, efficient. They... were super responsive and friendly. Our skipper was on complete next level ( in a good way).They also use English and German so my friends could communicate easily with the crew.The whole company crew is amazing and the boats are flawless.All around excellent service.Hands down 11/10.We are already planning another trip.Thank you and cheers! Well done!plus
Katija Domic
Katija Domic
14:07 09 Sep 20
An excelent experience! I gladly recommend Argola Charter. We booked a private day tour and we are very satisfied with... their professional service. The staff is friendly, helpful and speaks English fluently. The boat “Moby Dick” => big enough and ideally for 3 families. We had a great time onboard and enjoyed it.plus
Adam Brzezinski
Adam Brzezinski
09:19 29 Aug 20
I absolutely recommend this vendor. Excellent customer service, super responsive and friendly. We had a fantastic time... on the sea, the boat was in excellent condition. Skipper assistance fully professional. Hands down 5 Stars. We are already planning another trip.plus
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