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Skipper training

Do you want to learn the basics of navigation, test your theoretical boat knowledge, and practical operational skills? Do you want to master unexpected situations under different weather conditions? Perhaps you have a lot of passion for boating, but you don’t have enough experience and would like to feel more comfortable on board?

The purpose of our skipper training program is to enable you to grasp the basics of boat navigation and to learn more about the captain’s responsibilities within a condensed timeframe.

We offer two different levels of skipper training – basic and advanced, adapted according to your level of experience.
Our courses are held directly on our charter boats, allowing you to become thoroughly familiar with the craft.


We will get you familiar with maneuvering, sailing in and sailing out of the harbor, show you how to use the anchor properly, and how to handle the instruments.
We will also go through the terrestrial navigational theory and different parts of the vessel, learn how to read nautical maps, and get you familiar with navigation basics during day and night.
The basic skipper training will get you familiar with basic navigation skills within a 1 – 3 hours time frame.


We will review the most important and necessary information on the current maritime laws and meteorology, learn how to work with ropes and fenders, talk more about onboard safety, and show you what to do when there is a man overboard. We will use the time to teach you how to behave in tricky situations and how to take control when cruising during bad weather.
As we want to prepare you for all kinds of, sometimes even dangerous situations, we will take you to a few locations where our experienced skipper will show you how to handle challenging circumstances confidently.
This type of skipper training lasts for one or multiple days and will allow you to learn how to deal with more demanding navigation tasks.

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