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Would you like to surprise your clients, friends or colleagues? Through this amazing activity we guarantee you lots of entertainment and many fond memories. Explore the middle Dalmatian islands in a most unusual way. Smaller or bigger islands, beautiful coves, hidden beaches and mysterious caves will all be a part of your adventure.
After the introduction and explanation of this quest, the group is divided into teams, boarding a powerful speedboat. It all depends of the total number of participants. Each team will follow the instructions of the main coordinator and be supplied a treasure map to help them find the treasure. By following the clues from one island to another, solving assignments and facing practical challenges (like reading a nautical map), you will attempt to reach the place, island, cove or cave containing the hidden treasure before any of the other teams do! You will have to pay attention to all the details that the landscape offers. The answers might be anywhere! Think “team” and create a strategy with your cohorts, in order to be the most efficient of all of them!

The Adriatic coast is the best location for water based treasure hunts. The weather is temperate and the area contains many beautiful hiding places. Besides the islands, there are plenty of interesting and historical landing spots for the treasure to be hidden. This sea adventure gives you the possibility of getting to know different small island towns, archipelagos, protected sea areas, natural and historical sites – all in one day.
To make this adventure even more memorable, why not to arrange to have a video filmed?  You may wish to suit up your team in instantly recognizable colored T-shirts or hats which can be branded to your company team.

While you’re trying to find the treasure is located, a guided commentary will lead the teams to an explosive finale. Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking away. At the end of this treasure hunt, we will announce the winners…!

This adventure is much more than just a pleasure cruise because it gets teams working together. You could say that it’s designed for the James Bond in all of us. Our treasure hunt activity provides both thrills and a competitively friendly assignment for everyone to thoroughly enjoy. Who knows – maybe your team will be the victors!

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