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Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta

  • Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta
  • Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta Excursion demi-journée Lagon bleu&île de Solta
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    Points saillants

    • Snorkeling et nage dans le fameux Lagon Bleu (île Drvenik Veli)
    • Temps pour nager dans la baie de Vela Rina (île Drvenik Mali)
    • Visite et pause-café à Maslinica (île de Šolta)
    • Croisière et découverte des coins cachés de l’archipel de Trogir
    • Temps pour explorer les rues charmantes de la ville de Trogir, classée au patrimoine    mondial de l’UNESCO

    Conseils utiles

    • Ayez suffisamment de crème solaire pour protéger votre peau
    • Apportez des serviettes et des vêtements de rechange
    • Prenez vos tongs ou sandales préférées
    • Prenez une veste légère pour vous sentir plus agréable pendant la journée
    • Capturez les meilleurs moments de la journée avec un appareil photo étanche ou un smartphone
    • N’oubliez pas vos lunettes de soleil

    Informations de base

    • Durée (pour des visites de groupes): 5h- excursion d’une demi-journée
    • Capacité: 12 personnes maximum par vedette rapide (pour des visites de groupe). Il n’y a pas de limite de capacité pour les excursions privées en bateau
    • Les enfants âgés de 3 à 9 ans bénéficient d’une réduction de 50% sur le tarif normal. Aucun enfant de moins de 3 ans n’est autorisé à participer aux visites de groupes partagées
    • Les excursions en bateau privées sont complètement adaptables à vos souhaits et désirs (durée, heure de départ, lieu de rendez-vous, endroits et attractions que vous souhaitez visiter)
    Départ /
    Split : port de Matejuška- juste sous le drapeau croate
    Trogir : devant la forteresse de Kamerlengo
    heure de rendez-vous 8h30 à Split / 9h à Trogir
    • équipement de sécurité
    • skipper professionnel
    • assurance
    • eau embouteillée
    • équipement de snorkeling
    • veste imperméable/coupe-vent (à la demande)
    • déjeuner
    • dépenses personnelles
    • service d’accueil

    Whether you have chosen to make your holiday in Split or Trogir; we have combined the best of all worlds so you can see the best sights of the area. This boating adventure begins from either town for your convenience. From our dock in Trogir or the seaside promenade in Split, we will gently head towards the Split and Trogir island archipelago. Our boat tour will escort you to the most intriguing sights, bays and sunny beaches!

    From our Split departure point, we will first touch base on the south side of Ciovo Island. There, we`ll see tiny coves and beaches among the limestone rock formations. Dalmatian rock is among the most famous the world over, used in important international buildings. The Renaissance era Shrine of Our Lady of Prizidnice (Gospa od Prizidnice) will greet us on the south side. Erected in 1546,  it’s located on a cliff overlooking the sea. Steep rocks, blue sea, blooming agave (aloe vera) plants and many fragrant herbs make this area a hidden jewel. We will also visit a beautiful beach accessible only by sea, known as Robinson beach by the locals. Here, you can hop off the boat, take a dip in the warm sea and absorb the untouched beauty and simplicity.

    We will stop for refreshments at the small tavern “Dango” at Duga Bay, opposite the small island of Fumija. After a brief swim, we will head over to our second destination, a beautiful Blue Lagoon on the island of Drvenik. Imagine this: a unique landscape, warm sea, 2m deep, crystal clear waters, with a transparent sea floor, perfect for the underwater adventurer in you. Krknjasi is most popular because of its two guard-like islets enclosing the sandy bottomed bay. With conditions ideal for beginner and experienced snorkeling and other water activities, it gets its amazing turquoise color from the combination of crystal clear sea and limestone sand. From turquoise blue to olive green, we will next discover Maslinica Harbor on Solta Island.

    Solta is an island of fisherman, known for its natural pine forests, olive trees, vineyards and blessed peace. Maslinica is  Solta’s only village on the western part of the island.  Well protected by the cove of Sesula and an archipelago of 7 islands, you will feel the poetry and ambiance of the refreshing Mediterranean lifestyle. (Ahhhhhh…..) As you linger along its storybook waterfront picturesque city streets, you will agree that Maslinica provides the perfect setting for an environment of rest and relaxation. Here, you will escape life’s daily demands, regaining perspective while replenishing your lungs with the fresh, clean Mediterranean air.

    On the way back, we will soon approach the bouquet of islets in the Trogir archipelago. They are known as Kraljevac, Zaporinovac, Fumija, and Pijavica. From our seaside viewpoint, we can easily observe the ancient walled city of Trogir, which is known as “Little Dubrovnik”. The city of Trogir is a beautiful Greek inspired maze of stone alleys and narrow streets, traditional Dalmatian taverns; open squares where children laugh and play, stone staircases, ancient houses with aging roofs and wonderful stone crofts, including fountains and mementos. The windows and family crests are decorated with carved angels and huge vases in the style of their forefathers. Walk down the town’s picturesque Main Street (Gradska ulica) and visit one of the oldest craftsmen still functioning in Trogir – Parcina. A family owned and operated shoemaker’s shop; you can have your shoes fixed or buy a small leather souvenir. You may catch the aroma of freshly prepared fish coming from the stove of an old stone tavern or a barbecue from the grill with wafting scents of garlic, olive oil and other Mediterranean preparations. If you happen to be hungry, there are several good Dalmatian taverns from which to choose from. Of course, we will be glad to recommend one to you.

    After our tour of the charming little town of Trogir, we will head back to Split.  But not too fast! First, we will circle around Trogir’s perimeters to catch a few views with the boat.  Built on a peninsula for defense, we will also pass under two ancient bridges. Be sure to bring your camera along if you’d like to snap some magnificent photos from the water.

    Don’t forget, we can start our tour from the Trogir side as well, so let us know your wishes and preferences. We take pride in serving you well. Like the genie in the bottle, your wish is our command!

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Alen Zelic
Alen Zelic
11:10 14 Sep 20
Since many years a happy customer ofArgola. Friendly and helpful staff, best boats great location!Call/text them... anytime, you’ll get a respond within minutes👍 As in their motto mentioned; „exceeding your expectations“ I was every single time satisfied with their work.Kudos to the ladies in the office😃👌plus
Mirna Radovic
Mirna Radovic
07:08 12 Sep 20
Impeccable service provided from Argola Charter!A holiday we will remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you for... making every step of our journey so easy. The boat was exceptional as well as our skipper. If there’s a word which perfectly describes our experience, it would be - flawless! We are looking forward to the next summer with Argola crew.plus
David Anzulović
David Anzulović
17:55 10 Sep 20
Charter Company that should be talked about!Excellent customer service, process went smooth, fast, efficient. They... were super responsive and friendly. Our skipper was on complete next level ( in a good way).They also use English and German so my friends could communicate easily with the crew.The whole company crew is amazing and the boats are flawless.All around excellent service.Hands down 11/10.We are already planning another trip.Thank you and cheers! Well done!plus
Katija Domic
Katija Domic
14:07 09 Sep 20
An excelent experience! I gladly recommend Argola Charter. We booked a private day tour and we are very satisfied with... their professional service. The staff is friendly, helpful and speaks English fluently. The boat “Moby Dick” => big enough and ideally for 3 families. We had a great time onboard and enjoyed it.plus
Adam Brzezinski
Adam Brzezinski
09:19 29 Aug 20
I absolutely recommend this vendor. Excellent customer service, super responsive and friendly. We had a fantastic time... on the sea, the boat was in excellent condition. Skipper assistance fully professional. Hands down 5 Stars. We are already planning another trip.plus
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