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Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique

  • Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique
  • Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique Île de Svetac, Brusnik & Jabuka – le Triangle Volcanique
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    Points saillants

    • Découverte de trois îles de Brusnik, Svetac et Jabuka qui forment un phénomène appelé le Triangle Volcanique
    • Nager dans les eaux extrêmement profondes autour de l’île de Jabuka
    • Temps de pêche et de baignade sur l’île de Svetac
    • Visiter la famille Zanki et savourer des plats locaux préparés pour nous
    • Croisière au bord de l’Adriatique, vers l’île volcanique appelée Brusnik
    • Visite de l’île de Vis et de la petite ville de Komiža

    Conseils utiles

    • Prenez vos baskets avec vous. La promenade et l’exploration seront plus confortables.
    • Prenez des vêtements chauds avec vous- le temps peut devenir imprévisible
    • Assurez-vous d’apporter assez de crème solaire avec vous
    • Apportez des serviettes et vos maillots de bain
    • Capturez les meilleurs moments de la journée avec un appareil photo étanche ou un smartphone
    • Un bon sac étanche gardera votre téléphone, portefeuille et appareil photo bien au sec lorsqu’ils ne sont pas utilisés

    Informations de base

    • Durée: 48 heures-excursion de 2 jours
    • Capacité: Il n’y a pas de limite de capacité pour les excursions privées en bateau
    • Enfants: Il n’y a pas de limite d’âge pour les excursions privée en bateau
    • Les excursions privées en bateau sont entièrement adaptables à vos souhaits et désirs (durée, heure de départ, point d’embarquement, endroits et attractions que vous souhaitez visiter). L’itinéraire mentionné ci-dessus n’est qu’une suggestion et recommandation basée sur des années d’expérience de navigation. Envoyez-nous une demande via notre formulaire de contact et nous vous ferons une offre sur mesure qui répond à tous vos besoins
    Départ /
    Trogir: Devant notre bureau (Adresse: Sv. Lazara 1)
    Split: Port de Matejuška- juste sous le drapeau croate
    Tout autre point d’embarquement: Après accord
    heure de rendez-vous 8h à Trogir / 8h30 à Split
    • équipement de sécurité
    • skipper professionnel
    • assurance
    • équipement de snorkeling
    • veste imperméable/coupe-vent (à la demande)
    • dépenses personnelles

    The three islands of Brusnik, Svetac, and Jabuka belong to the Vis Archipelago and form the “Volcanic Triangle ». Brusnik and Jabuka are the only two islands that consist completely of volcanic rock and are considered a protected heritage site in Croatia. Svetac (also known as Sveti Andrija or Saint Andrew’s Island) is the only inhabited island of the three, where only five members of Zanki family currently live.

    Jabuka is our first destination on the open sea. A volcanic island, it was formed during an ancient volcanic eruption. When a strong blast of lava erupted to the sea’s surface, it cooled down to form this rocky island. Since it consists of magnetite, which is black volcanic rock, the compass needle goes crazy as we approach.  As you can imagine, all navigational equipment is completely useless here. The rocky terrain makes it impossible to drop an anchor here, but with our experienced skipper you’re in good hands. If you’re looking for excitement and have an adventurous spirit you’ll find something special here at Jabuka (which means apple due to its unusual shape).  Here you will have the opportunity to swim in its warm waters and take an unbelievable photo at this one of a kind black triangular wonder which seems to simply emerge from the sea.

    After visiting the unique magnet, we will visit Svetac “the saint”, which is located 16 miles to the east. Named after the brother of St. Peter, you’ll find a small 17th century church which was built in his honor. When we come to the Pavlebuk Cove on the southern coast of the island, you’ll notice the two Zanki family homes. This family has lived on the island for the past 250 years are now its sole owners. We will pay a visit on them and hear some tales from the past, including how the huge southern “jugo” storm in 1936 created a huge tidal wave, tragically killing six family members. Although they tried to save their boats in the small harbor, the waves were much stronger, smashing them to bits and dragging the men out to sea. After that, they built a defensive wall which exists to this day.  Life on the island is very biologically friendly, which was until recently a lost art. The Zanki family’s lifestyle bears witness to the fact that man can indeed live in harmony with the natural environment. Here you may sample a fresh fish lunch from the daily catch. Savor their domestic vine, capers and olive oil. See for yourself how domestically prepared food tastes better! Wild capers are conserved in sea water, keeping them fresh and ready to eat for the entire year. Some are as large as a thumbnail. This island has a wildly distinctive natural beauty as evidenced by the work-worn hands of its occupants, who couldn’t imagine life any other way in this rugged paradise.

    From our boat, we bid farewell to Svetac and the legacy of the Zankis. Our next and destination is the bumpy Brusnik. This small uninhabited island is just 320m long and 205m wide, with the highest point about 30m above sea level. The most interesting animal here is the black lizard of Brusnik, so if you love nature, by all means bring your camera along. One of our recent guests was a National Geographic media crew which made a documentary about this endemic species. Rabbits may also be found here but due to their biological adaptation to their natural environment, the color of their fur is dark brown, making them hard to see. The old fishermen from Komiza used to spend months on this granite islet during lobster season. Using their beautiful wind powered white sailing boats known as the “Gajeta Falkusa”, they would leave at the end of October and continue fishing until early Spring. Nowadays, the only evidence of any human presence on this tiny islet are the lobster pools known as “jastozera,” which were used as temporary holding zones for the live, captive lobsters. This system was ideal for keeping them fresh while the fishermen continued fishing. These pools are surrounded with black Brusnik granite stones which can also be found on the islet’s only beach, which we will also visit.

    There is a well-known quote by the Croatian poet Tin Ujevic. Describing the island of Brusnik in these words:  “We have reached the ultimate edge of the Adriatic where we can say – There is nothing further beyond (this point)…”  Like Tin discovered, you can also feel as if you have found yourself at the very edge of civilization, at the heart of the deep blue sea.


    More about this trip you will find in the blog of Alan Mandic from Secret Dalmatia.

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Alen Zelic
Alen Zelic
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Since many years a happy customer ofArgola. Friendly and helpful staff, best boats great location!Call/text them... anytime, you’ll get a respond within minutes👍 As in their motto mentioned; „exceeding your expectations“ I was every single time satisfied with their work.Kudos to the ladies in the office😃👌plus
Mirna Radovic
Mirna Radovic
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Impeccable service provided from Argola Charter!A holiday we will remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you for... making every step of our journey so easy. The boat was exceptional as well as our skipper. If there’s a word which perfectly describes our experience, it would be - flawless! We are looking forward to the next summer with Argola crew.plus
David Anzulović
David Anzulović
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Charter Company that should be talked about!Excellent customer service, process went smooth, fast, efficient. They... were super responsive and friendly. Our skipper was on complete next level ( in a good way).They also use English and German so my friends could communicate easily with the crew.The whole company crew is amazing and the boats are flawless.All around excellent service.Hands down 11/10.We are already planning another trip.Thank you and cheers! Well done!plus
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Katija Domic
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An excelent experience! I gladly recommend Argola Charter. We booked a private day tour and we are very satisfied with... their professional service. The staff is friendly, helpful and speaks English fluently. The boat “Moby Dick” => big enough and ideally for 3 families. We had a great time onboard and enjoyed it.plus
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Adam Brzezinski
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I absolutely recommend this vendor. Excellent customer service, super responsive and friendly. We had a fantastic time... on the sea, the boat was in excellent condition. Skipper assistance fully professional. Hands down 5 Stars. We are already planning another trip.plus
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