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    Squid Fishing and Fisherman's Mumblings

    When the hectic summer season comes to a close, the biggest occupation of the local fishermen is squid fishing. From September till December is the best time for catching these tasty little sea creatures.

    Even great poets have written many stories about squid fishing in Dalmatia. A famous Croatian Renaissance poet Petar Hektorovic once wrote an entire story about it, entitled: “Fishing and Fishermen’s Mumblings.” This piece of Croatian literature has been critically acclaimed as one of the most original and realistic works of the sixteenth century. It is a written documentary describing a three day fishing trip. In his personal life, Petar Hektorovic was saved by simple fishermen when the Turks attacked his home town. Forever grateful to them, he celebrated their unsung lifestyle in great detail with honor and respect. These masters of the sea knew how to dance to the sea’s dictates, and Hektorovic describes the procedure from catching the fish to its succulent preparation.  Even squid fishing had an important role in Hektorovic’s stories.

    People in Dalmatia love fishing, but when the subject of squid fishing comes up – their faces begin to light up. There seems to be a sense of enjoyment to it. No matter how much they caught, everyone returns to the port with contented smiles on their faces. That’s what it’s all about, sharing happy times together, telling interesting stories and making warm, satisfying memories that will be countlessly recalled in the heart and mind, later retold to one’s sons and grandchildren.

    Our adventure will begin about an hour before sunset. Fortunately, squid fishing is not complicated, so prepare to simply relax and enjoy a calm evening at sea. This type of weather is called “bonaca” or fair winds, and the sea may look as though it is made of oil. While the last sun rays may be seen on the horizon, we are diligently looking for a good place to catch squid. Most likely we will find them near some rocky terrain close to the capes in shallow sea, up to 30m deep. We’ll stop our boat and drop the pescafondo (a jig that looks like a small fish) all the way to the bottom, then pull it up slowly. This type of movement makes it look as if the little “fish” is swimming. If we are lucky enough, the unsuspecting squid will jump onto the pescafondo with its tentacles, and when you feel them attack, you simply pull your jig up. The squid is the most active in the dusk when it starts hunting for food. A squid’s only defense is shooting ink to its predators. Sometimes the squid will start insanely squirting ink all over the boat, but that one of the many things that can happen. You will have to discover it all on a first hand basis.

    Like the other seasoned fishermen, we will end this trip at the traditional tavern in Slatine. We will prepare our catch in one of many wonderful ways and thoroughly enjoy our delicious meal. Get in touch with this local tradition and wake up the dormant seafarer in your soul. Join us for a calm evening exploring the sea, a relaxing and invigorating adventure.

    • Spending the evening hours on the open sea with Argola’s fishing crew
    • Learning how to use the pescafondo (a jig that looks like a small fish)
    • Relaxation on board while waiting for the first catch
    • Enjoying the winning and dinning time while our crew prepares the catch of the day for you
    • Take some warm clothes with you
    • Snacks and drinks are always a great idea
    • It’s the ideal opportunity to make take some great photos, so don’t forget your camera
    • If you have any kind of questions ,feel free to ask our crew. We are there for you!
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