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  • Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour
  • Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour
  • Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour Island Brac Tour
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    Locals call it the Continental Island, we call it Divine

    Brac is the third largest Adriatic island, has a varied landscape of many small towns, villages, beautiful beaches and archaeological sites. Brac is known as the continental island due to its size and character in comparison to other Dalmatian islands in the areaIt is the ideal place for those in search of culture, history and art, relaxation and warmth under the relaxing Adriatic sun. Unlike other islands, it’s never had an official center. There are several distinctive small villages scattered along the coast and in the hinterland. Fishing and agriculture (especially wine and olives) are very important here, since the island is covered with abundant olive groves responsible for about half the Dalmatian olive oil production. The island is also very important for its precious white stone mined from the Brac quarries since ancient times. It was used in the construction of notable buildings around the world, including the Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the American White House in Washington, D.C.

    In the early morning hours we will sail towards island Brac, the most highly elevated of all the Adriatic islands. Our enjoyable panoramic ride lasts about 30 minutes. Our first stop will be the small harbor town of Bobovisca, which grew into a hamlet when the island’s habitants started building their wine-cellars closer to the sea. The well known 20th century Croatian poet, Vladimir Nazor, spent his youth and childhood in this attractive sea port. Our next stop is the best natural harbor on the island – the bay of Milna. Known for its harmonious Baroque urbanism you will have enough time for sightseeing, photography and relaxing. While here, you can drink your first coffee in small local bar named “Fjaka”, which translates to mean, “lazy mood”. The philosophy of slowing down to savor life’s moments is well known to the hard working Dalmatian people. The fjaka mentality cannot fail to influence you to slow down, at least a little, while you’re here enjoying your holidays.

    Around 12 o’clock we will sail towards the oldest coastal settlement of Bol which is situated at the foot of Vidova Gora Mountain, the highest point in the Adriatic at 778m. Upon our arrival, we will dock our boat on Bol’s main promenade. Here, you will have enough time to wander around and explore many of Bol’s hidden treasures. The Romans once called this stone town Vallum, using it as fortified coastal settlement. The town boasts a Dominican monastery dating back to the early Renaissance times (1475) with a cultural museum and well maintained garden. Several churches reflect the island’s deep commitment to culture and you will discover their many artistic contributions.

    After our sightseeing tour, we will explore well known beach Golden Cape (Zlatni Rat). The beach changes its shape depending upon the wind and marine currents. Resembling a curled tongue, it extends nearly a half kilometer into the sea. The Golden Cape is the big winner among Best Beaches in Croatia for the following categories: best family beach, best romantic beach, best nude beach, best windsurfing beach, best beach promenade and best Blue Flag beach. When you become hungry, we recommend a small Dalmatian tavern 50m up the hill, called “Mali Raj” (Small Heaven) accompanied with a beautiful tree-shaded garden. Its surroundings are amazing, complete with vineyards, olive groves, gardens and a splendid view of the beach below. After enjoying your lunch, stroll back once more to catch the departing sun’s lingering rays, as we slowly depart from this scenic and spiritual haven.

    From our panoramic cruise boat, we will follow the southern side of the island to observe the views. We will pass many charming pebbly beaches lapped by easy, caressing waves bordered by the vineyards above. The island is also known for its long lasting traditions, passed down through the centuries, which are observed to this very day. Its visitors are amazed at its surprising sense of charm and order. The senses are soothed and awakened by the scenery, culinary combinations, and feeling of wonder and stability, which become a memorable lasting impression for the present as well as the future.

    • Visiting the small town of Milna and its natural harbor
    • Sightseeing and coffee pause in one of the local’s favorite hang out places
    • Passing by the blue-fin tuna farm
    • Anchoring in Smrka Bay and entering the military tunnel
    • A special treat for all Dalmatian food lovers – lunch pause in a traditional tavern
    • Cruising and passing by hidden bays and amazing vineyards while going in the direction of Old Town Bol
    • Swimming time at the multiply awarded Zlatni rat beach
    • Snacks and drinks are always welcomed on board
    • Don’t forget your sunscreen
    • Take a light jacket with you
    • Your camera is a “must have” during the day
    • If you are a water-sports lover – make sure to let us know and book some water-sports equipment for the day
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